Will Hughes

Private Chef & Catering Services

Services We Provide:

(Any service we provide can be kid friendly, diet specific or allergy specific)

Dinner Parties            (Priced upon service needed)

  • Tired of going out to the local restaurants? Have Chef Will Hughes come to your house/condo and prepare a gourmet dinner for you and your guests in your kitchen. No need to worry about set-up/clean-up or setting tables, we will take care of it all. buffet style, family style, several courses or wine pairings.

  • Deep sea fishing on the schedule? Let Chef Will prepare a meal featuring your fresh catch. Looking for something for the whole family to do and enjoy cooking?

  • How about an interactive cooking class designed around different age groups! Fun for the whole group!

Chef & Meals for a week    (Priced upon service needed.)    

  • Chef Will Hughes can prepare fresh meals at your house during your stay. Sourcing local ingredients for the freshest dining experience. Chef Will has relationships with local farmers, fishermen and cheese producers and uses these in his recipes.

  • Interested in having a bbq/cookout, but won’t have the time to prepare or shop for it, yet still want to enjoy your favorite beverage while cooking for your family? We can prepare all of your ingredients on serving trays and even patty out your hamburger meat into specified ounces. Spend time with your guests….Don’t be stuck in your kitchen!!!

Personal Chef Services        (Priced upon service needed)      

  • We can provide your family with gourmet ready to heat and eat entrees and sides for several days. These are customized per group and priced on ingredients. Each dish will be fully cooked unless noted, with heating instructions. Other services you may consider for the week: Homemade dips & snacks, additional homemade salad dressings, breakfast casseroles, soups, appetizers (both fresh and frozen for later use with heating instructions).

Grocery Provisioning​           (Priced upon service needed)

  • The last thing any of us want to do after a long day in the car is go to the grocery store. You don’t have to! Whether you want just enough to get you through the first 24 hours or enough for the whole week, we can have all of your groceries purchased, delivered and put away before you even arrive! All you have to do is fill out the form or give us a call and we will handle the rest.

Private/Personal Chef & Provisioning Services